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Public Health Concerns
Diseases of bees, pests, and animals can cause significant illness and death to individual animals and can significantly affect bee, pest and  animal populations. Bee’s, pests, and animals can also serve as  natural hosts for certain diseases that affect humans.  The disease  agents or parasites that cause these zoonotic diseases can be  contracted from wildlife directly by bites or contamination, or  indirectly through the bite of arthropod vectors such as mosquitoes,  ticks, fleas and mites that have previously fed on an infected animal.  These zoonotic diseases are primarily acquired in certain locations,  occupations or recreational activities. Use extreme caution when approaching or handling a wild animal  that looks sick or abnormal to guard against those diseases  contracted directly from bees, pests, and animals. Procedures for  basic personal hygiene and cleanliness of equipment are important  for any activity but become a matter of major health concern when  handling animals or their products that could be infected with  disease agents.
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