(C) Copyright A Bee Gone      913.223.1100     816.226.8955     785.289.8655 BEE / PEST / ANIMAL REMOVAL SERVICES Check out our complete list of Bee/Pest/Animal Control Specialists to find Bee/Pest/Animal Removal and Management services near you
Licensing/Standards The National Animal Damage Control Association (NADCA) has undertaken the task of developing proposed  minimum licensing standards. The National Wildlife Control Operators Association (NWCOA) is also working on  certification/licensing standards of their own.  Our commitment to excellent customer service the policies, training,  and continuing education programs have always exceeded proposed minimums. We strive to be the industry leader  - it is our responsibility to set the highest and best of standards.  Capture and Release  A Bee Gone is committed to ethical and humane standards of animal control operation and we encourage the entire  industry to follow this lead.  We capture and release all animals and honeybee’s on our family farm.    
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